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We help brands solve problems through a meticulous understanding of audiences. By looking through the lens of the customer we can accurately guide and execute the creation of targeted communications and innovative experiences that drive action.

We utilise business intelligence to strategically design and develop solutions that drive meaningful results. Whether this is in the form of a website or platform, mobile application, social or content campaign or physical activation, our focus remains on the experience and the most effective way to deliver real business outcomes.



Everyone knows the pain and frustration a poor user experience can cause. If we can save you time, you can get back to doing what you love, and if you can enjoy the experience along the way, even better.

Digital experiences done right, can help you learn a new skill, pay a bill, share some knowledge or get something you need, all in a more efficient and delightful way, sensitive to your needs. We give you time back and help you enjoy the experience along the along the way, driving meaningful outcomes.

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We create engaging and innovative interactive experiences and amplify these experiences via strategically targeted communications.

With world-class creative and highly skilled technicians, Cypha’s team of UX specialists, experience designers, product creators and agile developers can work with you to create connected real world technology platforms, custom portals, mobile and tablet applications, connected products (IoT) and innovative experiences such as virtual reality, augmented reality and 360 degree experiences.

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Creating content, launching a product or trying to drive sales without a solid strategy, is like travelling without a map, you are likely to drive around in circles and never end up anywhere. A good strategy is ultimately a hypothesis, an educated assumption based on experience and research with a specific outcome. Just like navigating any journey, you know where you need to go, however variations to the path taken are adjusted continuously to be sure we arrive at our destination in the most efficient way.

At Cypha, we understand the pace of which technology moves so the way we develop an effective strategy accommodates this rapid pace. Rather than producing a hefty strategy upfront and proceeding into full implementation, we take an agile approach to any digital or social strategy. Treating any social strategy or digital strategy as a living breathing entity that evolves along with the brand, its audience and the forever changing digital landscape. 

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We help our clients build bridges from where they are to where they want to be with the aid of social media strategy, content, execution and amplification. Unlike most social media companies, Cypha combines strategic thinking and planning along with content creation, design and development fire power for rapid and reliable execution that delivers measurable results.

Combined with technical and creative prowess, Cypha can leverage the skills and expertise required to deliver on that social strategy with precision and flare, providing a competitive advantage for our clients. Our team provides clients with everything they need to master social media, from data analyst for social media audits and performance optimisation, copywriters, content creators, animators, illustrators, photographer, videographers and paid media management specialists.

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At Cypha, we believe in the power of stories. We delve deep to understand the story of your brand so we can tell this to your audience from the inside out.

Whether it be through words, video or images, people respond and connect with a brand if there is a strong story behind it. When you are able to connect with your audience’s emotions, you are talking to a different part of their brain that is responsible for feelings and decision-making and which also drives behaviour. This is where Cypha makes a difference and can add value to your brand story. Our creative team provides creative direction, design, animation, illustration, photography, video and more all in the aid of telling your brand story and driving your audience to take action.

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Cypha is an Umbraco Certified Partner with over a decade experience with the Umbraco CMS platform

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Cypha is a Certified Kentico Partner with several years experience with the Kentico CMS and Experience Platform

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Cypha is a Certified HubSpot Solution Partner with experience across HubSpot CMS, Marketing and Sales

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Cypha is a Microsoft Certified Solution Partner with expertise in Azure Cloud Hosting for public, private and government organisations

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Cypha is a Certified Development Partner for the BigCommerce Ecommerce Platform with expertise in custom store experience design and system integration

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Cypha is a Certified Shopify Partner and Shopify Expert with experience in custom store experience design, system integration, Headless CMS and APIs

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Cypha is a Certified Adobe Solution Partner with expertise in Adobe Experience Manager

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Cypha is a Certified Atlassian Partner with expertise in Jira Issue and Project Tracking Software and Jira Service Desk

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