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Shopify Partner and Shopify Expert

What is Shopify?

Shopify is the world’s leading ecommerce platform, enabling businesses of all sizes to sell their products or services. Shopify started over a decade ago with a single store, and it now powers over a million stores worldwide, turning over $319 billion between 2016 and 2019. With many years experience creating beautiful, functional online stores with Shopify, Cypha is a Certified Shopify Partner and a Shopify Expert.

What are some of the key features of Shopify?

Sell Anything

Selling physical products, digital products, services, memberships, ticketed experiences and more, all made possible with Shopify.

Full Service

Shopify offers high level support in managing your store, orders, and customers. Learn more about your customers with high level analytics, help people find your store with search engine optimisation, handle sales taxes, offer flexible payment methods and more.


Shopify stores are fully customisable, with pre-made themes available as well as full HTML and CSS access for a more personal touch.

How will Shopify work for you?

Shopify is fast, automated, and scalable, offering growth through innovation.

With multi-channel integration, you can sell and market across platforms, as well as keep track of abandoned carts and real time sales reports.

If you have an existing digital sales platform, or if you’re selling from a brick and mortar store, it’s easy to transition to Shopify. Future growth is driven by digital transition, and Shopify easily integrates with existing infrastructure to make selling a smooth process.

Build a business you can be proud of with Cypha and Shopify.

A Certified Partner

Cypha is a Certified Shopify Partner and Shopify expert.

With experience in Shopify custom store design, system integration, Headless CMS and APIs, Cypha can help you grow your brand, your revenue and create a memorable branded shopping experience for your customers.

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