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About Cypha

The word "cypher", "cipher" or "cypha" has many definitions. The Oxford Dictionary defines cypher as “a secret or disguised way of writing a code. In the early days of hip-hop, it was used when a group of artists or emcees, typically standing in a circle, would take turns exchanging verses for competition, practice or sheer entertainment.

We see the Cypha as an informal gathering of individuals where thoughts and ideas flow freely, a raw and open forum of ideas and creative self expression. Individually we are strong, united we are unstoppable and this is how we partner with our clients at Cypha. We all come together with different voices, views, ideas, passions and goals, all for the one united cause.

Our Vision

At Cypha, our vision is to make the world a little more wonderful through rich digital experiences.

We believe digital experiences should be seamless and either make our lives easier or enrich them. Technology touches every aspect of our life, and therefore influences our life, so it needs to do so in a positive way.

Our Values

What We Live By

We are a passionate crew of highly skilled creative individuals coming together to build digital experiences, products, and content that delights, informs and inspires. We exist to create memorable experiences that matter while connecting brands and their customers in a continually changing digital world.

We are a unified team on a mission to make things that matter. 

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