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Big Commerce Ecommerce Platform

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a leading ecommerce platform, designed for growth, performance, scalability and performance. BigCommerce started in 2009 and is driven by the success of its merchants, who have seen $25 billion in sales across 120 countries. Cypha is a BigCommerce Certified Development Partner, with a wealth of knowledge in custom store experience design and system integration.

What are some of the key features of BigCommerce?

Freedom to Design

BigCommerce offers intuitive design options to create intuitive, brand enhancing shopping experiences, with advanced HTML and CSS customisation. 

Full Integration

There are a host of apps and systems integrations available with BigCommerce, allowing you to unify your backend or access third party apps.

Detailed Analytics

Measure merchandising performance, identify order trends, access customer metrics and segments with built in tools.

How will BigCommerce work for you?

BigCommerce empowers innovation, with a flexible framework and easy to use platform that delivers fast experiences for customers. Optimise your business for growth, and deliver a functional branded shopping experience with the BigCommerce platform that will increase conversion and encourage larger spends and repeat customers. With BigCommerce’s cross-channel commerce functionality, you can sell where customers are shopping, as well as grow business to business commerce. With the host of tools available with BigCommerce, as well as Cypha’s expertise using the BigCommerce platform, you can be confident you’ll have a reliable, beautiful, easy to use site that will drive sales for your business.

A Certified Partner

Cypha is a BigCommerce Certified Development Partner, delivering custom store experience design to clients across a range of industries, as well as expertise in integrating apps and back end systems with the BigCommerce platform.

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