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Atlassian Collaboration Tools

Who is Atlassian?

Atlassian build platforms and tools for businesses to effectively collaborate while planning, developing, and delivering products. Atlassian, which was founded in 2001, is now used by over 170,000 companies worldwide spanning a range of industries, from tech to manufacturing.

What are some of the key Atlassian platforms?

Jira, Confluence, and Jira Service Desk are some of the most popular work management platforms that Atlassian offers.


Prioritise work across teams and products, aligning teams at scale and connecting strategy to execution with Jira. Jira is a project management system for software development that values customisation and user flexibility, placing an emphasis on agile methodology. Projects are logged and go through workflows, and individuals, interactions, collaboration and a rapid response to change are prioritised.


Wherever you’re working, however you’re working, you can participate, ask questions, share knowledge and increase efficiency with Confluence. Get higher value work to your customers faster by creating content with Confluence. Your creations can be commented on and edited by all team members, while also sharing notes, checklists, files, and planning; all of which can be managed centrally.

Jira Service Desk

Adapt your service management processes to align with the way your teams work. Part of the Jira software family, and with similar customisable functionality, Jira Service Desk is a flexible platform for IT services that streamlines requests and boosts efficiency with custom queues that are shared across a team, real time reports and simple customer interface portals.

How will Atlassian’s platforms work for you?

Maximise the productivity of your team across disciplines and locations. Atlassian’s tools and platforms allow your business to become flexible, collaborative, and connected.

Teamwork is at the heart of Atlassian’s products. Now more than ever businesses must adapt and innovate to meet customer demands and discover new ways to work in challenging environments. With products like Jira and Confluence, you can do your best work with easy, flexible access, increased project transparency, and task accountability.

A Certified Partner

As a Certified Atlassian Partner with many years experience working with Atlassian’s platforms, Cypha can help you maximise your value for money as well as optimise your delivery workflow with our expertise in Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence.

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