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Zuper - The Super Revolution

The Challenge

Part of the challenge was to use 3rd party API’s to transfer information where documentation was still a work in progress.

High level of security was required as we were dealing with sensitive personal information. The platform also needed to comply with strict financial guidelines and produce detailed multi-format documents like product disclaimers, annual tax documentation, account statements and reports via scheduled services.

Another challenge was to minimise the response time for APIs so the application run smoothly while connecting to various third party systems i.e. ATO, OneVue etc.

The Process

Discovery & recommendations

In-depth investigation was completed to review the detailed API documents from OneVue, Zuper processes and environment setup. From there we created a detailed technical spec which included our recommended approach. 

Solution design

UI was supplied by the client but Cypha designed the technical side of the platform which was complex and involved problem solving across the multiple sprints in the agile process.

Technical approach

In order to create light weight APIs we use .NET Core platform to built the whole API solution from the ground up. Our API solution is the backbone of the Zuper web portal which enables user to manage their SuperFunds seamlessly.

Security was critical so we used token based authentication (JWT), SFTP and IP restriction to limit access to critical resources.

All the APIs were crafted individually and removed unnecessary reference entity data from the requested (main) entity in order to improve the performance. 

Maintenance and support

A range of activities are required to support this complex and data sensitive platform, this includes triage of actions to be completed for the month, on-call support that involves liaising with Onevue and reporting. 

The Solution

We designed and developed a custom Superannuation platform that requires the system to collect and report on highly sensitive customer data, including account balances and transaction information. 

The data not only needs to be stored and transferred securely, we also regularly encrypt user reports for privacy reasons and transfer these securely via SFTP connection to the client for reporting. 

Throughout this application, encrypted communications also occur directly with the ATO for super account lookups and verification of taxation information.


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