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At CGU, if you “Own it” we back it

With over 160 years of experience, CGU had committed to a new business strategy to target the SME market, expanding their insurance offering to make it more convenient for small business owners to tailor insurance cover to support their business. 

CGU wanted to extend the “Own It” campaign into digital and social by raising awareness of the new direct business of CGU Insurance, driving traffic directly to the website, campaign landing pages and to get a quote.

The Challenge

Cypha was challenged to create a strategy for CGU’s Own It campaign that would encompass print, digital, email and social media channels and talk directly to thousands of SME’s across Australia. There were a number challenges we needed to tackle.

How can we drive brand awareness for the new CGU Insurance direct to consumer offering, to an audience we have not yet engaged with across digital and social channels?

How can we then entice them to reach out direct for more information ultimately, an online quote or lead?

How can we let small business owners know that CGU business insurance can be purchased direct online and over the phone?

And how do we do this in a a relatable and genuine way in order to create a connection and build trust, all while avoiding small business clichés and delivering meaningful and valuable content that cuts through the clutter?

case-study-5.png case-study-5.png

The Process

We commenced the project with a discovery session which involved interviewing a range of business owners to explore the wants, fears and ambitions or our audience in order to craft content, messaging and calls to action that would engage and influence.

With insights in hand, we developed a digital and content strategy that not only detailed the creative approach we would take but also planned out the platforms and mediums we would utilise to promote the campaign. We defined a social and content strategy for the campaign, ensuring all content streams were aligned, complementing and tailored to the intended audience industry segments.

We needed to find the right balance between the campaign creative direction of dark and gritty and the CGU Insurance brand of wit, warmth and determination to translate this into a social 2-way conversation and not a traditional broadcast narrative.



Video Storyboards


The Solution

We developed a suite of content including videos, posters, online web banners, eDM templates, digital display, social and print collateral.

Our creative approach focused on real-life customer stories, utilising strong headlines with emotive language. Our research showed that the audience wanted to be understood and would be enticed by messaging that was relatable and addressed their daily pain points. Real-life customer stories showcased the value of the brand and resonated well on all platforms. The top performing executions featured bright real-life imagery which helped cut through the clutter of their news feeds.

We took a proactive approach to the campaign, testing, measuring and optimising along the way. We started with a broad approach across the individual ad units, testing various strategies and content ideas. We then used learnings from the first few weeks of testing to optimise the campaign strategy and creative going forward so that the messages with the most engagement and clicks continue to be served up to the relevant audience segments.

We took an interest based approach to targeting with an aim to skew towards business owners rather than employees. Instead of graphic designers we aimed for design agency owners. Instead of gozleme chefs we aimed for restaurateurs running multiple locations. Instead of the local mechanic we aimed for tradies running a handful of crews.

The campaign was highly successful and generated strong awareness, engagement and quote completions for the CGU Insurance direct offering.



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Engagement Rate 37%

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