Slaughter House VR Experience

Bringing a haunted VR experience in to your living room

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Slaughterhouse VR Experience

Remember when Halloween was a lot creepier and spookier? Well we’ve ditched the mainstream commercialisation behind the holiday and we celebrated Halloween the right way. 

The Cypha Slaughterhouse is a virtual reality walk-through experience developed especially for the Oculus Rift. The experience invites users into an eerie dilapidated house in an unknown parallel, dystopian world. Dark, dingy and with a bucket load of creepy ambiance, the house presents all the hallmarks of a golden age Hollywood horror classic.

The Objective

We wanted to deliver an authentic Halloween experience by implementing the hallmarks of all classic Hollywood horror films in a horror house environment. With gruesome characters to meet along the spooky journey, we invite the user to an eerie, dark horror house set in a dingy, dystopian world.

Slaughterhouse_hero02.png Slaughterhouse_hero02.png

The Process

Victims, oh sorry, we mean brave people. Not recommended for the faint of heart

To remind people what Halloween is really about - getting scared and throwing up!

Experimenting with the as-yet-unreleased Oculus, we were able to bring back the horror factor in Halloween through some digital fun.

Fear, fun, crying and hopefully not too many nightmares!


The Solution

We set aside a day of filming, hired make-up artists and shot our scenes on a green screen. We took these videos and inserted them into a self-made Unity 3D environment, later to be developed into a virtual reality walk-through experience using an Oculus 2 headset for navigation.

Download the experience and try if for yourself here...if you dare


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