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Petbarn is Australia’s leading pet supply retailer who are dedicated to serving pet passionate people and their pets and make shopping easy.

Cypha have developed previous tools for Petbarn in the past including the online food finder. Based on this success they asked us to develop and implement a flea, tick and worm solution for pet owners to help provide value add tools for their users and boost product sales. 

The Challenge

As there were no existing questionnaires of this type for Petbarn the brief was quite open.

The core challenge was to develop and implement the algorithm in conjunction with Petbarn that will produce the relevant results.

Another key consideration on this project was incorporating all of the most useful information in a clear and easily digestible way on the results page for all device sizes.

Petbarn_Case Study_Feature.svg Petbarn_Case Study_Feature.svg

The Process


A quick competitor analysis was done to compare with any direct competitors that were doing anything in the same space and then also benchmarks from outside of the industry. We also met with Greencross Vet to discuss what output would be useful for pet owners. We found this level of detail was not available in the AU market.


This required an in depth understanding of the products, logic and algorithm building skills to develop the final rules and algorithms to power the treatment finder.

User interface

To maximise the budget we managed to re-use existing assets and modify them to work for the new tool. Breadcrumb style navigation was utilised as a way to give feedback to the user as to where they were in the process and also as a way to quickly jump backwards if need be. The tool was also built with multi-device capabilities in mind so ultimately users can use and purchase flea, tick and worm products anywhere, anytime.

Testing and implementation

As the logic to produce the recommended treatment plan was built from the ground up, we were able to make adjustments to the logic and release multiple iterations quickly. We also worked with Petbarn I.T to write documentation and help them to install the solution package on their own environment with post live regression testing.






The Solution

The Petbarn online ‘Flea, Tick & Worm Finder’ was launched as an enjoyable, easy to use experience that efficiently provided users the necessary information they needed to treat their pets and the option to buy products online.




Over 14 mins

AVG Session Duration

13+ page views

per session

209% increase

in conversion rate


Increase in revenue


Increase in transaction volume

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