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Freeview website transformation

With the phase out of analogue to digital TV, Freeview was established to bring all free-to-air broadcasters onto a consistent platform to view TV program times.

Freeview lets viewers discover, watch and plan their free-to-air TV viewing via an enhanced electronic programming guide.

We redesign the freeview.com.au website to provide the user with relevant content and a seamless user experience across all devices via a clean and contemporary interface.

The Challenge

Freeviews website suffered from unintuitive navigation so labelling and ordering the sitemap and navigation was a key challenge.

The content hierarchy was also jumbled and didn’t align with what users were actually after. Organising the content was therefore a prominent consideration in the UX of the site.

Gracenote APIs weren’t consistent across each network and custom development was required to ensure the TV guide was updated in real time.

Finally the user flows for the key personas were complicated and had steps within them that were unnecessary.

The Process

With a tried and tested approach to deliver a useful and engaging website for Freeview, Cypha focused on 3 key areas

  1. User experience
  2. Creative design
  3. Custom development and API integration

User experience

By completing user and competitive research, creation of personas based on our research and observations - this allowed us to create informed and user insight led layouts (wireframes). One key insight was to ensure there were no dead ends throughout the experience.

Creative design

With complex sets of information to digest and navigate through, the electronic programming guide (EPG) on the site needed to deliver a user friendly and multi-device experience that clearly outlined the varying hierarchies of content.


The key development complexity was creating the functionality for the TV Guide that was powered by the Gracenote Web API. “My Guide” feature was a key piece of the experience as it allowed for a custom view of the users saved any programs.


02_FreeviewPlus - What is FreeviewPlus.png


The Solution

Responsive, multi-device Freeview online platform that combined:

  • Customisable easy to use online TV guide driven by a multi-dimensional API service
  • Content rich engaging user led interface
  • Umbraco content management solution that allowed easy update of content (e.g. Blog) and management of preferences for popular content to be displayed on key pages on the site


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