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Supporting advisers to help support their clients

BT is the wealth management arm of the Westpac Group. They help advisers, businesses and individuals prepare for their financial futures.

BT required a range of solutions to help support advisers which in turn helps their clients. This ranged from tax tools to security, campaigns and portfolio remediation.

The Challenge

Design, develop and implement online solutions that deal with limited personal data and enable them to be used year on year with little involvement from the agency.

Login information needed to be dynamically managed by BT across multiple tools across different formats and brands.

Cost effectively re-badge to be used across multiple brands within the business.

The Process

Solution design

Detail requirements, infrastructure and tech meetings were held with BT I.T, marketing and Internet security Group divisions. This enabled a detailed spec and approach to be developed and signed off to take into account the security safeguards that needed to be put in place.   

User interface

The layout and design was originally designed for one of the brands (Wrap) and then based on the popularity and success of the tool/s - was then picked up by multiple brands. The UI was then adjusted to cater for multiple brands  leveraging off  the one framework.

Development and implementation

Using the tech spec as a guide, Cypha developed a range of tools that were self managed by a range of different business owners. Across the multiple tools we need to refine and adjust the data schema’s that were used to ensure information displayed consistently for users while ensuring privacy with encrypted uploads, database and IP restricted admin areas.

Custom error handling and notifications were required to ensure that correct data was uploaded as we are dealing with limited personal information. 

The Solution

Year end - Tax tools

Self-service portals for advisers to check when their clients tax statements will be issued. This replaced the laborious and manual excel sheet method that was previously in place. This tool has now been utilised across 6 different brands saving BT hours of support and resources.

Platform security auditing tool

BT’s relationship managers could login and see their allocated client list, search by specific users and select who needs to be deleted from the system. This key process helped to ensure that old users were removed and kept information in the portal secure.

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