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Helping pre-teens & teens live their best and most confident life

The Challenge

Beautiful Minds existing website had become dated and suffered from a poor user experience. There was an overwhelming amount of information, which wasn’t being presented in the most concise way and the navigation was muddled which provided no clear path for the key personas to begin their journey.'

The registration and checkout process had also become confusing and needed simplifying.

New branding was also required to modernise the brand. The main challenge here was to appeal to all genders and to not alienate any particular group.

Challenge.jpg Challenge.jpg

The Process


A lean ux process was required due to budgetary restraints so online surveys were conducted with the main users of the site, that being Students, Parents and Teachers. The results of these surveys provided us with some key insights into what the various users came to expect from a website such as this.

We also explored competitor websites and came to the conclusion that this particular segment was quite stale and by going down the path of a vibrant, youth focused look and feel we could set ourselves apart from the competition.


3 personas were then created based on our findings throughout the research phase and these personas were referred to throughout the process.

  • Student
    Students were after something that didn’t feel official and stuffy and appealed to their sense that they were being listened to and not just talked at. Students were also drawn to multimedia as videos and interactive pieces have become a critical way they digest information.

  • Teachers
    Teachers wanted something that was informative, legitimate and provided their students with meaningful help in the mental health space. They also wanted the information to be clearly presented and easy to digest so that they could then use that information to get buy-in from their superiors.

  • Parents
    Parents needed a resource where they could get information that would help them be more informed when talking to their children about the subject of mental health. They would also like to see social proof that the Beautiful Minds platform provides real benefit to teenagers.


Wireframes were then created with the main focus being on the core user journeys and how they would achieve their respective goals. This was done through rejigging the navigation and also by providing clear content sections covering off exactly what Beautiful Minds offers the user and giving the user a clear next step.


Finally the High Fidelity mockups were designed keeping in mind the need to appeal to the various user groups. Another key thought during the design phase was to make the large amount of information easily digestible, which was achieved through the use of a clear font hierarchy and ample use of white space.


01 Desktop Home.png
06 Desktop Teen Girl.png
21 Desktop checkout - Details BU Day.png


The Solution

Cypha ultimately designed and developed an aspirational, engaging website experience for Beautiful Minds, that seamlessly fulfils the goals of users and the business through the use of UX and UI best practices.

The branding and UI was also updated to encompass a clear font hierarchy, rich imagery and vibrant use of contrasting colours to appeal to our key personas.



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