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ABC Splash Digital Platform

ABC Splash is a platform dedicated to producing free digital education resources for primary and secondary students. The ABC approached Cypha to help transform what was a great video series, into an immersive and engaging mobile game platform for student at home and in the classroom. 

The Objective

ABC came to us with the desire to create an app which offered supplementary learning material for children in primary and secondary schools, but which needed to be in the form of an innovative and engaging platform in order to help achieve learning outcomes set by the Department of Education.

The ABC splash digital platform needed to be an experience that multiple students could use on a shared device in the classroom or on their own at home. We needed a way to encourage students to move through all of the content but also confirm their comprehension on what they were viewing and not just being passive viewers.

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The Process

The ABC Splash app was developed to provide teachers and students with a highly engaging, easy access point to a curated collection of the best videos on ABC Splash within the ten most popular topics featured on ABC Splash.

The app contains 10 topics, with five videos in each: a total of 50 videos, with supporting materials and provides teaching staff and students with a highly focused learning experience. Our approach for this application was to elegantly simplify the delivery of material. With so much information, we needed to present this in such a way that was digestible and engaging for all users and involved parties, while targeting syllabus learning outcomes across a range of subject areas.

We created this in a way that can be easily rolled out across all state regions including remote and regional areas, providing children with a familiar and proven curriculum. By utilising gamification we developed a quiz engine and reward system that encouraged students to complete quizzes on each module, in order to measure comprehension while allowing students to earn badges and unlock additional content.




The Solution

Pairing a highly intuitive interface with a deep understanding of the interaction behaviours of children, we created a platform for the Apple iPad where children, as well as teachers and parents, could learn from a myriad of topics. Through informative videos, fun quizzes and highly visual topic badges, children are provided with the incentive to complete topics, share their achievements, and be hungry for more and more interactive learning.

In the first 3 months since launching the app and without any advertising campaigns surrounding the launch, we saw 6400 active users in total, with an average of 800 new users per month.

This exceeded the expectations of the ABC who generally do not promote their material. Users are spending an average of 10-30 minutes on the app exploring videos and quizzes with 850 video playbacks per month. With the launch of each new term, the new topics spark further interest in the app as users return to explore the new content and earn more badges across the platform.



6400 users

in the first 3 months

over 800 new

users per month


video plays per month

10-30 mins

average time in app


badges earnt

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