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Who's At Fault?

NRMA Insurance is one of Australia’s largest insurance companies that provide services for residential, business and corporate members.

A series of 3D animated videos were developed for NRMA to feature across their social media channels. The videos form a social media content series that encourages followers to comment, share and decide Who’s at Fault on a number of challenging road safety scenerios.

The Challenge

With a number of similar experiences already in market it was important for this video series to stand out and encourage engagement across NRMA’s Facebook page.

The road safety scenarios depicted in each video needed to showcase a common road safety situation that would trigger debate as to who was at fault. 

From a creative point of view, the videos needed to feature a unique and engaging animation style that would create cut through and grab the attention of NRMA’s Facebook followers.

motorbike_reduced.png motorbike_reduced.png

The Process

Road Rule Scenario Selection

Data collected from call centre and claims management teams were used to pinpoint the scenarios that NRMA customers found to be unclear. They ranged from car park scenarios, to merging, to backing out of driveways – most importantly these were relatable to a broad range of users which made them all the more appealing. 

Moodboards & Storyboards

Using a 3D illustration approach we created moodboards with samples of a Pixar-style environment design (e.g. Roads, buildings, vehicles etc.). From there we created static storyboards which outlined each frame of the 3D road rule scenario.

Creative 3D Animation

We designed and built 3D models for all environments and props including vehicles and street signs and produced a series of animated 3D short films that could be uploaded to Facebook and shared with NRMA followers and targeted to predefined audience segments via paid media.







The Solution

Cypha created 11 custom 3D animated road rule scenario videos that were deployed as a social content series on the NRMA Insurance Facebook page. 

The use of 3D animation was effective in creating engaging, realistic and relatable road incidents that enabled users to assess a playful yet realistic scenario. 

With every video post on Facebook NRMA sparked healthy debate within their community by encouraging people to comment on which vehicle was at fault. This resulted in a high number of comments, likes and shares with the “At Fault” answer given a day or so later to create suspense and further drive engagement.





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