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Cypha brings to life the Endeavour Voyage Exhibition

Cypha Interactive has partnered with the National Museum of Australia to create Knowing Plants, a new touch screen exhibition interactive and website that showcases a rich resource of plant life along the east coast of Australia. The interactive was developed for the museum’s exhibition, Endeavour Voyage: The Untold Stories of Cook and the First Australians.

Combining Indigenous and 18th-century scientific knowledge, the interactive and online experience was designed by Cypha to present information from Indigenous communities on the language, significance and use of their plant life side by side with 18th century botanical studies.  

Cypha has developed a beautifully illustrated interface which brings together two different knowledge systems and perspectives into one engaging experience. The interactive has proven to be an integral element of the exhibition.

Knowing Plants brings together emotive design, animation and touch screen interactivity to deliver an intergenerational experience, with younger family members drawing their older relatives into the exhibition.

“These unprecedented times have solidified the need for museums and galleries to ensure their exhibitions are supported by an engaging online experience, which is exactly what this interactive does, says Daniel Christos, Managing Director of Cypha Interactive.

The Knowing Plants Interactive received a highly commended MAPDA Award and builds on Cypha’s extensive work across Australian museums which includes digital interactives for The National Museum of Australia, The Powerhouse Museum and The National Maritime Museum.

To view the Knowing Plants online experience visit the National Museum of Australia website


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